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Business Sparks challenges notions about what it takes to be a successful start-up and established businesses by presenting the experiences and wisdom of both evolving and established leaders in the business community. The support that Business Sparks and its guest interviews lends to the academic examination of what it takes to succeed in multiple business environments is vital to inspiring young innovators, economists, mathematicians, statisticians and business thinkers. It is in this spirit that I created Business Sparks to engage pre-college students in the cutting edge of business analysis, strategy and personal planning.

Samuel Stamler

About Samuel Stamler

Founder & Director of Curiosity


Samuel is a member of the class of 2018 at Stuyvesant High School in NYC. Samuel has spent the last several years self-studying business concepts and applications and working in the international entrepreneurship and NYC start up scenes. Samuel’s areas of focus have included alternative currency, including Bitcoin applications, product design and web based disruption of the real estate brokerage community. He is interested in the educational and working trends evolving in the dynamic business environments of both start-up and established businesses. In addition to his interest in business, Samuel volunteers as a member of the Big Sibs program, is an active member on the StuyPulse Robotics Team, enjoys music, and playing Varsity baseball. To pay forward the value Samuel has gained from his independent and traditional study of STEM and robotics, he created the educational program, Gear Up for Your Future, exposing under-served students to the world of robotics and technology and enabling skills for a future in technology innovation. Samuel is thankful to his guests who made time available to share their experiences in order to help others.


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