Episode 7: Interview with Rafi Musher


This week's interview is with Rafi Musher:

Rafi Musher is founder and CEO of Stax Inc. and Stax DevCorp and founder of Ed.co. Stax Inc. is a global strategy consulting firm serving the corporate and private equity community across industries. Stax DevCorp creates joint ventures and independent for-profit ventures based on Stax's deep market insights and corporate and private equity relationships. Within Stax DevCorp, Musher founded Ed.co, a technology-based solution helping K-12 schools streamline fundraising while increasing community engagement and funds raised, creating a development team for every school that wants one. He serves on the boards of Stax DevCorp companies including Credfi, Ultra Testing and Benestream. Musher is founder and chairman of Israel & Co., a nonprofit working with more than 50 leading M.B.A. programs globally, bringing current and future business leaders to Israel to get a first-hand, working knowledge of innovation at its peak. He also is chairman of the Friends of Bronx Lab School in New York.